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About Salon Zen



About Davines


'Beauty for you AND the planet"

Family owned out of Parma, Italy, their focus is based on how they can be as ethical, beautiful and sustaintable as possible.


Sustainable formulas and packaging. Formulated & produced in house at the carbon neutral Davines village. 

81% of their ingredients are organically certified, natural or modified natural.

Together, we offer a broad assortment of color (including Amonia free) plus daily styling & treatment products that are designed to fit each and every one of our clients individual needs whilst helping take care of our environment.

Davines products


 Best selling- award winning collection infused with Race oil. Known for giving hair extraordinary shine and softness.


 Gentle on the hair used for fine- medium fine hair



 Specific for color treated hair- illuminating!



 Designed to cleanse dr, dehydrated hair. 



 Designed for frizzy, unruly hair. Creates a smooth finish.



 Elasticizing anti- breakage formula for damaged hair. Leave hair shiny & silky.



 You guessed it! A beautiful line to assist beautiful curls.



 For bleached, treated or relaxed hair. Deep nourishment & hydration- one of Zen's favorites!



 Volumizing for fine, limp hair.



 Color enhancing shampoo & conditioner. Red, purple, silver, chocolate & Tobacco.



 Silkening shampoo to cleanse & tone blondes. 



 More inside is a versatile line to give you all the necessary tools to create the look for you. From waxes & clays to dry shampoo and sea salt spray. We love this line!


 Seven unique masks deliver fast and targeted results. From deep nourishment to detoxifying and cleansing. You can purchase for home or schedule a treatment & scalp massage in the salon.





Love smooth


Love curl




Heart of glass

More Inside

Circle Chronicles

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